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Kirstin Veugelers, PhD, owner of Navigate Your Health, is an unabashed bio-geek full of compassion. Kirstin is inspired to empower patients and their loved-ones through knowledge translation and advocacy, uniquely valuing the patient as a whole complex being, as more than a medical diagnosis. Kirstin first imagined this vocation after completing a PhD in biochemistry and postdoctoral research fellowship, when she recognized her longing to directly serve the individuals of her community, using her knowledge and communication skills. She is further driven to this work after personally experiencing the frustration of navigating the healthcare system to address her own digestive issues that compromised her daily functionality and overall quality of life. After a long, winding path to regain vital health, coinciding with 10 years of teaching biology to undergraduate university students, Kirstin is now committed to hearing patients’ health and personal journeys. She uses her training and experiences to support patients and their loved ones through the information-gathering and decision-making processes, and beyond.

You don’t have to journey alone!
Kirstin will go with you.